A unique trade fair design perfectly matching with your requirements.

Your product, your company and the people behind it, everyhing is unique. Even if the budget of a trade fair stand is an important parameter, you should never forget: thoughts are free! Individual solutions do not have to be necessarily expensive. The IMPACT counts!

A good individual concept combines the technical requirements with the unique enactment of your trade fair stand, including your key messages.

Everything depends on a harmonic combination of the communication areas with their seating, standing and lounge furniture as well as presentation elements, for example shelves for leaflets, showcases or columns for exhibits, screens and work stations. All embedded in a coherent basic design for a good feeling.

For a perfect application of forms, colors, light, wall faces, considering the floor plan and the maximum building height, we work with different materials. From customized elements to huge backlit textile faces.

We plan with high-quality furniture or outstanding counters, always accompanied by an adequate lighting, based upon your requirements. Furthermore we use various screens or space dividers for the meeting areas such as plants, displays with bamboo sticks, fibre curtains, acrylic glass panels, and many more. This creates a soothing atmosphere and certain intimicy, which is essential for meeting areas.

Of course your trade fair stand should be clearly visible within the hall. Suspensions from the hall ceiling with riggs can be realized at almost every fairground. The riggs can be equipped with backlit logos, rotating elements, gas-filled balloons or every imaginable graphic element that transports your key messages beyond the borders of your stand area.

We give you our advice!

IDEX Europe GmbH | Trade fair show: Analytica 2016

DP Technology Germany GmbH | Trade fair show: AMB 2016