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Your next trade fair stand: impressive, simple, classy, convenient.

fronting stand

7.690,- Euro **

corner stand

8.385,- Euro **

connecting stand

9.192,- Euro **

Stand area: 24 sqm
Measurements: 6 x 4 m *  |  wall height: 4 m  |  height cabin: 3 m

Construction method: 
Aluminium-profile-system, double wall, front side with fabric tension system, back side with hardboard white.

Individual, high resolution and brilliant printing of your motives on all textile faces stretched to the walls.

Equipment included: 
Lockable cabin approx. 3 sqm, covered by chipboard white 19mm, fridge, coat rack and waste bin. Info counter white 1,8 x 1 x 0,6 m (wxhxl). Needle-punch carpet, available in over 20 standard colors. Lighting: one cold light spot (150 Watt) for every running wall meter. Transport, logistics, build-up and break-down included – evaluated for Frankfurt fairground – different fairgrounds on request.

  * Different sizes and aspect ratios can be calculated individually.                                                                                               ** Rental price for one trade fair show. Suspension from hall ceiling optional.

You need an attractive trade fair stand? It is only minutes away!

Our kit combines an impressive stand design with efficient standards. The walls made out of fabric tension systems not only look classy, the assembling is very efficient.

The trade fair stand made out of textile transforms your company CI into a perfect shell. Fresh and brilliant.

Take your choice - we work out an attractive and individual quotation (rental basis).

Is it a fronting stand with just a back wall or a corner stand with two wall elements we are talking about? Or even a connecting stand with three walls to play with? This is what we need to know, in addition to the stand measurements, the trade fair show you like to attend and the furnishings you prefer.

Talk to us!

Our basic calculations are based upon a stand area of 24 sqm (6 x 4m) for a trade fair show located in Frankfurt. This perfectly works as a 'zero point' even if the final design differs from it.

As an experienced and nationwide stand building company we certainly offer a vast range of trade fair designs. Should you have any individual request or question:.

Contact us. You will receive a prompt answer.

Sit and rest

Should your stand invite the guests to stay? Do you need seating furniture? What fits to your way to communicate? Standing tables? With barstools? Or a classic seating group? Like to create a lounge atmosphere?



Plastic chair

Legs metal, seat plastic, available in black, white and anthracite

EVA 37 Euro

Seating height 46 cm
Height 85 cm


Conference chair

Legs chromium, seat synthetic leather, available in black, white, blue, red, orange, light blue, teal, blackberry and green

PONZO 61 Euro

Seating height 46 cm
Height 80 cm



Synthetic leather, available in black, brown and beige

RONDO 76 Euro

Seating height 47 cm
Height 79 cm



Foot stainless steal, wooden seat, available in black, white, blue, red, orange, beech, oak, walnut, teal, violet and green

LEM 82 Euro

Adjustable in height 70 - 80 cm
Height 77 - 87 cm



Legs black, chromium, stainless steel or aluminum
Tabletop plastic, wood or glass

FERMO 63 Euro

Ø Tabletop 80 cm
Height 110 cm
Different sizes on request


Lounge table

Legs stainless steal, tabletop black or white

TRAS 92 Euro

Size: 50 x 57 cm
Height 38 cm,
Different sizes on request

Inform & present

Present your products in classy showcases or placed on podiums. Use brochures and leaflets to take away. Demonstrate software using apropriate work stations. Please have a look at the available furnishings.



Available in black and white

LEVANTE 153 Euro

Size 120 x 60 cm
Height 110 cm,
different sizes on request



Aluminum frame, lockable

GUELLO 350 Euro

Size: 100 x 51 cm,
different sizes on request


Table showcase

Aluminum frame, lockable

ETNA 205 Euro

Sizes 53 x 53 cm, 99 x 53 cm
Height 91 cm


Work station

Combination out of metal and glass with a second level for the screen

CARDONA 424 Euro

Size: 51 x 51 cm
Height: 113 cm
Height chair: 79 cm


Brochure stand

Aluminum frame for brochures A4

CAMPO 65 Euro

Size: 26 x 40 cm
Height: 125 cm



Painted wood, available in black and white

TIAGO 71 Euro

Size: 50 x 50 cm
Height 80 and/or 110 cm

Design highlights

Sometimes it needs to have a special eyecatcher. Here you can find some exclusive pieces which add a certain flair to the stand.


Lounge chair

Synthetic leather, available in black, brown and beige

CADIZ 120 Euro

Seating height 45 cm
Height 79 cm


Brochure stand

Metal frame for brochures A4, available in black, white and blue

CORI 102 Euro

Size: 30 x 29 cm
Height 170 cm



Painted wood, white, corpus lockable

PIERO 379 Euro

Size 118 x 39/66 cm
Height 110 cm


Lounge table

Plastic white

PEBBLE 178 Euro

Diameter: 90 cm
Height: 30 cm



Synthetic leather, available in black and white

PLASMA 327 Euro

Size 165 x 72 cm, height 39 cm
On extra charge: 222 x 82 cm, 356 x 95 cm