Large formats

We enlarge your favorite picture at home on various materials. When printed on canvas and stretched to a frame, your picture even becomes a piece of art. Try our versatile production of advertisements for every purpose. Our range of products includes graphics for trade fair stands, prints for lightboxes or road signs. It does not matter if we talk about small or big formats, single or serial production, indoor or outdoor. We recommend the right material for every purpose including the appropriate suspension when needed. Please also ask for display stands or backlit frames.

Service range:

  • Solvent printing on photo paper, pvc and banner films as well as backlit films
  • Lamination with ultraviolet protective laminate and adhesive backs as finishings
  • Further processing on various board materials such as plastic, aluminum, wood or acrylic glass
  • Production of art and canvas printings stretched to a frame or wooden panel
  • A wide range of display stands and poster frames

Lufthansa Technik AG, Big photo entrance area

ESA-ESOC Darmstadt, Sentinel-2b Event, layout, production and assembling of the stages