Trade fair design
Trade fair design
Trade fair design

Trade fair design

A picture is worth a thousand words. Please have a look at our existing projects.

SWECO GmbH | STUVA EXPO Frankfurt am Main 2019

Ein Unikat mit großer Wirkung
„Jedes Projekt ist ein Unikat und wir machen aus Ihrem Projekt das Beste“ – Dieses Homepage-Versprechen von Sweco können wir eins-zu-eins adaptieren. Und so wurde der Messeauftritt auf der STUVA Exporeal in München ein voller Erfolg. Helle Lamellen aus Holz, angeordnet in natürlicher Wellenform im Kontrast zu dem dunklen anorganischen Rahmen.

Kunde: SWECO GmbH
Messe: STUVA Exporeal 2019
Standgröße: 99 qm
Standtyp: individualSTAND

ILC s.r.l. | EMO Hannover 2019

Framed harmony

The stand has a reduced design, a cyan structure and an almost invisible cabin stand in contrast to the fancy furniture such as the info counter and the big graphics that represent the products and services of the exhibitor perfectly.

Kunde: ILC s.r.l.
Messe: EMO Hannover 2019
Standgröße: 30 qm
Standtyp: Corner stand, individualSTAND

ConviTec | GIFA Düsseldorf 2019

Illuminating power

The simple system stand received a great boost through the big-scale illuminated wall and the big LED-screen. The alternation of the pictures give the stand a momentum but not agitation. The ceiling cube guarantees a good visibility within the exhibition hall.

  • Exhibitor: ConviTec
  • Trade fair show: GIFA Düsseldorf 2019
  • Stand area: 70 qm
  • Stand type: basicSYSTEM

Lizmontagens | METEC Düsseldorf 2019

Galvanic lighter 

The big-scale graphics with their ‘hot’ motives form the perfect frame for the trade fair stand of the ‘specialists in refractory’. The ceiling elements repeat the ‘hot’ colours but come light as a feather with their transparency.

  • Exhibitor: Lizmontagens
  • Trade fair show: METEC Düsseldorf 2019
  • Stand area: 112 sqm
  • Stand type: textileEDITION

IDEX Health & Science | Laser World of Photonics 2019

Space Odyssey.

A stand like a landed spaceship. The cabin bloc in the middle with its hex structure represents perfectly the CI of the company. Either with one-dimensional graphics or multi-dimensional design elements, futuristic illuminated (space) hexes.

  • Exhibitor: IDEX Health & Science
  • Trade fair show: Laser World of Photonics 2019 
  • Stand area: 77 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND

MikronTec GmbH | Control Stuttgart 2019

Small but precise

The graphics perfectly display the high-end products in the μm-section of the exhibitor. The showcases accommodate enough space to show exhibits. To underline the value of the products we chose a shag pile carpet as flooring.

  • Exhibitor: MikronTec GmbH
  • Trade fair show: Control Stuttgart 2019
  • Stand area: 28 sqm
  • Stand type: IndividualSTAND

Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH | Hannover-Messe 2019



The world map is a collage out of product and application images assembled to show the global activity of the exhibitor. This collage is so well recognized that it found its way into the German premises. The rest of the graphics illustrate the function of the exhibits perfectly, supported by big screens.

  • Exhibitor: Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH
  • Trade fair show: Hannover-Messe 2019
  • Stand area: 64 sqm
  • Stand type: textileEDITION

Roesler | euvend & coffeena Köln 2019

Automatically beautiful

Big-scale graphics create the perfect frame for the big vending machines, inserted in the wall construction. Everything looks classy, from the stone wall to the concrete pvc-flooring.

  • Exhibitor: Roesler
  • Trade fair show: euvend & coffeena Köln 2019
  • Stand area: 50 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND

Lobster Experience GmbH & Co. KG | Loop Hamburg, Atlantic Hotel Kempinski

Do the loop

In 2004 Lobster revolutionized the touristic business by creating an own event: loop = luxury on our Planet. A platform that spins the whole business and lifts networking to the next level. Working with these speed dating-platforms sellers and buyers have a short but intensive contact, fast interactions, fast deals. The event takes place three to four times a year, stopping in Hamburg, Prague, Tyrol, Andermatt and Frankfurt so far. More to come ...

  • Exhibitor: Lobster Experience GmbH & Co. KG
  • Trade fair show: Loop Hamburg, Atlantic Hotel Kempinski
  • Space: Distributed on different premises, total approx. 1500 sqm
  • Category: Events & Presentations

ACHEMA Frankfurt 2018

  • Exhibitor: Scanware electronic GmbH | ALMAWATECH GmbH | Berstscheiden Schlesinger GmbH
  • Trade fair show: ACHEMA Frankfurt 2018
  • Stand area: divers
  • Stand type: individualSTAND

Hüttenes Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH | Euroguss Nürnberg 2018

From Stone Age to Modernism

The focus is clearly set on the stand walls clad in ‘turtle shells’, in parts opened up to reveal the products and services of the company. The counterpart for the fossil background is modern furniture, complemented by technical features such as LED-walls.

  • Exhibitor: Hüttenes Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH
  • Trade fair show: Euroguss Nürnberg 2018
  • Stand area: 40 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND

ESA/ESOC Darmstadt | Sentinel-2b Event 2017

The final frontier

News out of the orbit have no limit, they need to have large formats. Time and space bathed in light and arranged on islands to be presented via tv.

  • Company: ESA/ESOC Darmstadt
  • Event: Launch Satellite Sentinel-2b
  • Location: Conference room ESOC Darmstadt
  • Space: approx. 480 sqm
  • Category: Events & Presentations

The Rayware Group | Ambiente Frankfurt 2017

Very British

Task: different british houseware brands under a single roof. Each brand needs to be presented individually but also needs to fit into the general CI. Every brand has its own custom-made displays.

  • Exhibitor: The Rayware Group
  • Trade fair show: Ambiente Frankfurt 2017
  • Stand area: 122 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND

SW-Motech GmbH & Co KG | Intermot Cologne 2016

Clean lines and reduced design

The textile surfaces have a special aesthetic impact. Black as a classy colour transport the technical aspects the exhibitor wanted to have. The brilliant banners placed on the outside walls invite all passers-by to explore the world of SW-Motech. For the flooring we used different kinds of colours to highlight every product range.

  • Exhibitor: SW-Motech GmbH & Co KG
  • Trade fair show: Intermot Cologne 2016
  • Stand area: 153,5 sqm
  • Stand type: textileEDITION

DP Technology Germany GmbH | AMB Stuttgart 2016


Present and communicate, this is the focus to be set for the stand area. Each work station belongs to the 'umbrella' Esprit, but also need to work individually. No cabling visible, of course.

  • Exhibitor: DP Technology Germany GmbH
  • Trade fair show: AMB Stuttgart 2016
  • Stand area: 78 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND

Goodman Germany GmbH | Transport Logistic Munich 2013

Logistics live and in colour

The sushi-circle in the middle of the stand focuses exactly on the business of Goodman: logistic spaces. The conveyor belt leads into the cabin where it could be loaded with various things such as give aways, brochures and candy, not only sushi.

  • Exhibitor: Goodman Germany GmbH
  • Trade fair show: Transport Logistic Munich 2013
  • Stand area: 120 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND