Spatial design
Spatial design
Spatial design

Spatial design

A picture is worth a thousand words. Please have a look at our existing projects.

Lobster Experience GmbH & Co. KG | Loop Andermatt, Switzerland

Luxury meets winter wonderland

The international speed-dating event stops in Switzerland to provide a first-class setting for ‘loop-luxury on our planet’, for all participants, vendors and buyers out of the luxury travel business. 

  • Exhibitor: Lobster Experience GmbH & Co. KG
  • Trade fair show: The Chedi Andermatt and Radisson Blue Hotel Reussen Andermatt
  • Space: The Chedi approx. 220 sqm, Radisson Blue Hotel Reussen approx. 930 sqm, distributed on different premises
  • Category: Events & Presentations

SWECO GmbH | STUVA Expo Real Munich 2019

One of a kind with great impact
"Every project is unique and we make the best of your project" – This is a promise Sweco gives every customer, and we adapted it one-to-one. The trade fair show Exporeal Munich has been very successful. A light wave structure out of wooden elements is the perfect counterpart to the dark ceiling element framing the stand.

  • Exhibitor: SWECO GmbH
  • Trade fair show: STUVA Expo Real Munich 2019
  • Stand area: 99 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND

Lobster Experience GmbH & Co. KG | Loop Hamburg, Atlantic Hotel Kempinski

Do the loop

In 2004 Lobster revolutionized the touristic business by creating an own event: loop = luxury on our Planet. A platform that spins the whole business and lifts networking to the next level. Working with these speed dating-platforms sellers and buyers have a short but intensive contact, fast interactions, fast deals. The event takes place three to four times a year, stopping in Hamburg, Prague, Tyrol, Andermatt and Frankfurt so far. More to come ...

  • Exhibitor: Lobster Experience GmbH & Co. KG
  • Trade fair show: Loop Hamburg, Atlantic Hotel Kempinski
  • Space: Distributed on different premises, total approx. 1500 sqm
  • Category: Events & Presentations

ESA/ESOC Darmstadt | Sentinel-2b Event 2017

The final frontier

News out of the orbit have no limit, they need to have large formats. Time and space bathed in light and arranged on islands to be presented via tv.

  • Company: ESA/ESOC Darmstadt
  • Event: Launch Satellite Sentinel-2b
  • Location: Conference room ESOC Darmstadt
  • Space: approx. 480 sqm
  • Category: Events & Presentations

Goodman Germany GmbH | Transport Logistic Munich 2013

Logistics live and in colour

The sushi-circle in the middle of the stand focuses exactly on the business of Goodman: logistic spaces. The conveyor belt leads into the cabin where it could be loaded with various things such as give aways, brochures and candy, not only sushi.

  • Exhibitor: Goodman Germany GmbH
  • Trade fair show: Transport Logistic Munich 2013
  • Stand area: 120 sqm
  • Stand type: individualSTAND