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A picture is worth a thousand words. Please have a look at our existing projects.

Emtron | Beklebung

Elegant und Modern!

Die Beklebung der Türen des Treppenhauses im neuen Gebäude von Emtron in Riedstadt-Wolfskehlen wirkt schlicht und stilvoll. Durch klare Linien wirkt das Treppenhaus stimmig und einladend.

Kunde: Emtron electronic GmbH
Projekt: Türenbeschriftung des Treppenhauses
Beschreibung: Gestaltung des Treppenhauses im neuen Gebäude. Folierung der Scheiben, Beklebung hergestellt auf Glasdekor frosted im Folienplot.

Bier-Herrmann | Fahrzeugbeschriftung Transporter

Trotz Einfachheit auffällig

Dezent und dennoch auffallend ist die Beschriftung vom Getränketransporter der Firma Bier-Herrmann in Roßdorf. Denn durch den starken Rot-Weiß Kontrast und das leuchtende Signalrot fällt das Fahrzeug ins Auge.

  • Kunde: Bier-Herrmann
  • Projekt: Fahrzeugbeschriftung Transporter
  • Beschreibung: Beschriftung hergestellt im Folienplot auf 3M-Hochleistungfolie, kaschiert auf Alu-Dibond, inkl. Montage

ESA ESOC Darmstadt | Signboard „AsteroidDay“ and outdoor infoboards

Leading the way

Creativity and smart design united for the signboard „AsteroidDay“ at the entrance area. Various infoboards lead the way.

  • Company: ESA ESOC Darmstadt
  • Project: Signboard „AsteroidDay“ and outdoor infoboards
  • Realization: Sub-construction out of stainless steal, signboard aluminium Dibond contour-cut and infoboards out of satin-finished safety glass, with digital front printing and foil cuts, assembling and concrete foundation included

Varian Medical Systems Deutschland GmbH | Wall labeling 2017


Tradition printed on canvas - arranged harmonically and touching. The text fragments, handwritings and graphics are laminated directly on the walls and reveal the impressive story for every visitor.

  • Company: Varian Medical Systems Deutschland GmbH
  • Project: Wall labeling
  • Realization: Labelings as foil cuts on wallgraphic film, fabric tension systems for prints on canvas, assembling included

Vehicle brandings | Transporters - BestOf

With a new livery

There are existing many types of vehicles, but they all have something in common: they can bring your brand in motion. Creative, remarkable, weatherproof.

  • Companies: Hans Segmüller Polstermöbelfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Elektro Gessler & Weser GbR, White Lion GmbH, KRAUSE Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG
  • Project: Vehicle brandings for transporters 
  • Realization: Images as digitial prints on high-end 3M-film, labelings and logos as foil cuts, assembling included

TU Darmstadt Department DP | Interior design for research laboratory 2017

Plastic art

One department of the Technical University deals with 3-dimensional product development, using various forms and materials. The interior design exactly reflects this: polygonal graphics populate the walls, are wrapped around corners and continue their way even on windows, as glass decor elements. The lettering is also 3-dimensional for a 'deep' impact.

  • Company: TU Darmstadt Department Data Processing in Construction
  • Project: Interior design for research laboratory
  • Realization: contour-cut motives out of aluminium Dibond and acrylic glass, digital print on glass decor film, assembling included

EUMETSAT | Banners and flags for the 30th Anniversary 2016

Ceremonial and impressive

... this is what the huge textile banners for the anniversary of the weather satellites of EUMETSAT are. They fit into place harmonically.

  • Company: EUMETSAT
  • Project: Banners and flags for the 30th Anniversary
  • Realization: Digital print on textile, accessories and assembling included


KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH | Streetcars and busses - BestOf

The bigger the vehicle

... the more count the details. Windows, ventilation slots, control elements and much more have to be considered in the layout. This requires an ideal planning including the adequate partition of the films (weather proof), considering all intersections.

  • Company: KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH
  • Project: Ganzbeklebungen Straßenbahnen und Busse
  • Realization: Images as digital prints on high-end 3M-film and 3M-window graphics film, labelings and logos as foil cuts, assembling included

DUBBEL SPÄTH GmbH & Co. KG | Large photos and wall labelings 2015

Appetizing interior design

For creative customers we 'only' need to deliver. As a result the new canteen design transports a refreshing character.

  • Company: DUBBEL SPÄTH GmbH & Co. KG | EUREST Deutschland GmbH c/o Continental Teves AG & Co. OHG
  • Project: Large photos and wall labelings
  • Realization: Motives and labelings on WallGraphic-film, assembling included

ESA ESOC Darmstadt | New press center 2014

Brilliant presentation

The large format and high resolution printings of the satellite photographs create a fascinating atmosphere for the speakers as well as for the audience.

  • Customer: ESA ESOC Darmstadt
  • Project: New press center
  • Realization: Fabric tension systems for prints on acoustic textile, round stage construction with floorminder prints, planning, design and assembling included