Advertising production

A picture is worth a thousand words. Please have a look at our existing projects.

Johann Wilhelm GmbH (Continental Deutschland) | Wall graphics

Artistic use of the wall surface
Johann Wilhelm GmbH (Continental Deutschland)
Rear wall motif
of a new meeting point as a pilot area. Conception, layout, production and assembly. Manufactured using eco-solvent printing on non-woven wallpaper
Banderole for all-round use of the corridor walls. Vectorization as a data service of the supplied template. Manufactured using eco-solvent printing on wall graphic film, with the contour cut out, including attachment

EnviroChemie | Promotional equipment

Fresh and informative!
Project: Data and facts presented in line with CI
Realization: Top down
Partition wall, textile print on both sides, braced in frame plug-in system, free-standing
Clamping frames, aluminum frames for wall mounting including interchangeable textile prints, different formats

Institut Mathildenhöhe | Exhibition „Nadira Husain – manzil monde“

Special exhibition in the Museum Künstlerkolonie „Nadira Husain – manzil monde“
Customer: Institut Mathildenhöhe
Project: Indoor and outdoor exhibition motifs
Realization: Eco-solvent printing on various materials such as PVC stickers, non-woven wallpaper and floor liner, including assembly

HEAG mobilo | Display-variants

Advertising-effective displays in different variants
Customer: HEAG mobilo
Project: HEAG and the city of Darmstadt invite to the 4th City Economy Day on Ernst-Ludwigsplatz and Friedensplatz
Realization: bottom row, left to right
Outdoor wall, digital printing on both sides, made up as a textile cover for the frame plug-in system 
Beach flag, pole system with base and flag
Outdoor X-Banner, banner system, height-adjustable with weights, incl. PVC banner

MUEGGE GmbH | Outdoor signage

MUEGGE – The partner for industrial microwave and plasma systems
Customer: MUEGGE Reichelsheim
Project: Outdoor signage
Realization: Pylons for the main entrance, stainless steel stand sign, contour-milled logo element, flags and various signage, including delivery and assembly

ESOC Darmstadt | Banner press center back wall of the stage

Spectacular images!
Customer: ESOC Darmstadt
Project: Stage Banner for the Press Conference – The media appeared in the ESOC Darmstadt Press Center for the release of the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope
Realization: Digital printing on textile banner including mounting in a stretcher frame

iVents GmbH | Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag Mainz 2022

The history of the Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag on 35 stelae
Customer: iVents GmbH
Project: All host cities from 1984 to 2019 present "their" Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag on one side and the sights of the respective city on the other side of the stele
Realization: Creation of the layout and print data, eco-solvent printing on 3M high-performance film with protective laminate including lamination on aluminum composite carrier material

EUMETSAT Darmstadt | Signage

Weather data for the world – Made in Darmstadt!
Customer: EUMETSAT Darmstadt
Project: Signage
Realization: Re-lettering of existing information steles and pylons, delivery and installation of new pylons, signage, contour-milled logo elements and backlit textile frames

Heimatverein Darmstädter Heiner e.V. | Vehicle lettering

Finally Heinerfest again – come and join!
Customer: Heimatverein Darmstädter Heiner e.V.
Project: Labeling of two BMW i3
Realization: Motiv produced in eco-solvent printing on 3M high-performance plot, incl. assembly

Dental Practice Gruss | Julian „Deafman“ Bock, Darmstädter Jugendstyle

Acrylic paintings enliven and refine practice rooms
Customer: Zahnarztpraxis Gruss
Project: The Bessunger designer and Graffiti Artist Julian „Deafman“ Bock has been artistically active in Darmstadt since 2003. His art project „Darmstädter Jugendstyle“ aims to redesign building facades throughout the city. Indoor his colorful motifs are a wonderful eye-catcher as well
Realization: Eco-solvent printing on clear film, laminated on the back of 8 mm acrylic glass, equipped with a concealed hanging frame on the back, incl. assembly

Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes | Local image motifs complement the modern look of the branch

Graphic design of the Darmstadt branch
Customer: Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes
Project: Implementation of the interior concept of the architectural office BREDTUNDPARTNER
Realization: Large-format non-woven wallpaper, backlit textile stretcher frame, glass decoration on doors and windows, guidance system with aluminum composite panels and foil lettering, motif boards with solvent printing, room signage, including professional installation

Deutsches Romantik-Museum | Implementation of signage- and information system

Experience the romance!
Customer: Deutsches Romantik-Museum
Project: We were able to produce and implement the signage and information system for the recently opened German Romantic Museum in Frankfurt. This is the world's first museum dedicated to the Romantic Era as a whole
Realization: The signage system was developed with a great deal of dedication and a sense of materials. Single letters were mainly used. Individual letters made of polished and clear-lacquered brass, burnished black steel or aluminium. Signposts and base plates made of hand-burnished steel create a unique look. In some cases foil letters made of 3M Di-Noc were used

BESTSELLER Agentur für Absatzförderung GmbH | Christmas

Tetra Pak Digital Christmas Party Background 
Customer: BESTSELLER Agentur für Absatzförderung GmbH
Project: Production of 35 sqm free-standing backgrounds and 10 sqm die-cut figures
Realization: Lightweight foam panels with large-format motifs and a floor display system that enables free-standing and variable installation

Construction fence banner | A Selection

Not only interesting for construction fences!
Customer: Bohm und Nonnen, Falcone Decorazioni, Forward Media
1. Saladin-Eck
2. Falcone Decorazioni
3. World Children's Day Darmstadt

Eco-solvent printing on ekomesh (PVC free)

Transportation advertising | Traffic Board

Large-scale advertising on buses and trains, in the city and the region 
Customer: HEAG mobilo, KWS Transportation advertising
1. HeinerLiner: Combination Traffic Board 18/1 & Traffic Board XXL
2. 1700 years of Jewish life in Darmstadt: Traffic Board 18/1
3. Helios Kliniken: Traffic Board 18/1

Eco-solvent printing on 3M high-performance and window films

HEAG mobilo | Full design normal bus

Get in now – for a dual study program at the Hessen Police!
Customer: HEAG mobilo
Project: Full-area advertising with the use of windows
Realization: Advertising motif for the sides and rear produced using eco-solvent printing on 3M high-performance film and premium quality window graphics. Execution of the labeling in the foil plot

BESTSELLER Agentur für Absatzförderung GmbH | Rear walls of the annual VILSA fountain

The whole VILSA range – Sustainability for nature and people
Customer: BESTSELLER Agentur für Absatzförderung GmbH
Project: Production of 60 running meters of free-standing rear walls
Realization: Lightweight foam panels with large-format motifs and a floor stand system that enables free-standing and variable installation

iVents | Cube Rheinland-Pfalz, Cube Saarland

Germany celebrates 31 years of German unity 
Customer: iVents
Project: Graphic equipment of the glass cubes of two federal states for the large-scale exhibition EinheitsEXPO 2021 in Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt 
Realization: For our long-standing customer iVents, the event agency from Pfungstadt, we were able to equip the exhibition areas of the state chancelleries of Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland with banners, foil lettering, labeled pipes, digital prints for information walls and the complete design

Municipality of Roßdorf | Vehicle lettering

StreetScooter 100% electrified 
Customer: Municipality of Roßdorf
Project: Lettering of two StreetScooters 
Realization: Motifs produced in eco-solvent printing on 3M high-performance film and in a film plot, including assembly

Bohm und Nonnen | Hansel-Mieth-Award

In memory of the American press photographer and photojournalist Hansel Mieth 
Customer: Bohm und Nonnen
Project: The Zeitenspiegel reportage agency has been awarding the Hansel Mieth Prize to journalists for outstanding publications in German-language print media every year since 1998.
Realization: 13 exhibition banners in solvent printing, laminated on Nikolon white, with eyelets in the corners

Gartenzentrale Appel | Vehicle stickers for the plant professionals

... from the film professionals 
Customer: Gartenzentrale Appel
Project: Vehicle wrapping Ford Transit
Realization: Execution in the foil plot on cast high-performance foil in premium quality

HEAG mobilo | Complete design articulated bus

„A thousand roles - your job!“ Campaign of the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration, supervised by the Mandelkern agency
Customer: HEAG mobilo
Project: Full-area advertising with the use of windows
Realization: Advertising motif for the sides and rear produced using eco-solvent printing on 3M high-performance film and premium quality window graphics. Execution of the labeling in the foil plot

Henschel Darmstadt GmbH | Multifaceted and delightful

A Favorite customer

CustomerHenschel Darmstadt GmbH

1. Window Wrapping
2. Wall paper and floor minder
3. Wall paper 

1. Black high performance foil with cut-out and lettering
2. Print on PVC-free non-woven wallpaper and on floorminder with anti-slip protective laminate
3. Print on PVC-free non-woven wallpaper 

Large format prints | A selection

Large format prints – individual solutions

1. Akasol GmbH
2. CleverShuttle Südwest GmbH
3. Institut Mathildenhöhe

1. Textil wall for the general meeting 10000 x 2500 mm
2. Privacy film 38 qm
3. Exhibition board room art 1915 x 2315 mm 

1. Flat-piping banner, stretched in an aluminium profile-system
2. Digital print on decorative glass film with UV protective laminate
3. Digital print on high-performance film with UV protective laminate

Neon Zentgraf Lichtwerbung GmbH | Full carwrap Tesla Model 3

eprimos energy transition car 
Customer: Neon Zentgraf Lichtwerbung GmbH
Project: Vehicle design Tesla Model 3 by eprimo 
Realization: Motifs produced in outdoor solvent print on 3M high-performance foil in premium quality, provided with UV protective laminate, execution of lettering in the foil plot

Sparkasse Darmstadt | Facade wrapping in Grafenstrasse

A new pop-up store 
Customer: Sparkasse Darmstadt
Project: #DigiStore – facade wrapping
In the #DigiStore, employees, but also customers, have the opportunity to familiarize themselves practically with innovative payment systems and banking applications.  
Realization: All-round print motif produced in outdoor solvent print on 3M high-performance film in premium quality, provided with UV protective laminate

DGM GmbH | Traffic Board XXL

On the go in terms of self-promotion
Customer: DGM GmbH – so we ourselves :-D
Project: Traffic Board XXL, rear area of the bus for self-promotion
Realization: Outdoor solvent printing on high-performance and window foil

Cargo bike | Lettering

New mobility, new advertising spaces 
Dubbel Späth, Heag mobilo
Fliesen und Bäder GmbH, Herbert Herrmann
Project: Labeling Cargo Bike
Realization: Solvent printing on high-performance foil, including assembly

ESOC Darmstadt | Wall design KIC

An illustrative motif for the KIC – Knowledge & Innovation Center 
Customer: ESOC Darmstadt
Project: Wall motif with space background
Realization: Solvent printing on wall graphic film for wall lamination

Die Johanniter | Ambulance Seeheim-Jugenheim

Ambulance brand new
Customer: Die Johanniter
Project: Lettering of Ambulance Seeheim-Jugenheim
Realization: Labeling of the roller shutters outside and inside as well as door labels in foil plot, stand sign with stainless steel, substructure, including assembly.

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt | Banner Kargelbau

An european artist comes to Darmstadt
Customer: Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Project: New banners for Kargelbau
Realization: Digital print on mesh banners, assembly using a lift platform on the side extension of the State Museum.

HEAG mobilo | Full wrapping of battery electric minibuses

HeinerLiner – There is something rolling
Customer: HEAG mobilo
Project: Full wrap of 20 Mercedes Benz eVitos to HeinerLiner. HeinerLiner is the On-Demand Shuttle of HEAG mobilo in Darmstadt.
Realization: All-round print motif produced in eco-solvent printing on 3M high-performance film in premium quality, logo and lettering in the film plot, including foiling of bumpers and roof.

Lieblang Cosmos | Facade sign, partition wall and textile frame

A fresh look for your walls

Customer: Lieblang Cosmos Administration und Steuerung GmbH
Project: Fresh visuals for your walls – indoors and outdoors
1. Facade sign made of alu-dibond with a digital print on 3M-high performance foil, incl. mounting on a substructure.
2. Freestanding partition made of aluminum profiles, ideal as a backwall for videoconferences, covered on one side with textile printing.
3. Wall aluminum frames in various formats incl. interchangeable textile prints.

Family Koshnaw | Foiling of a kitchen

The make over

Customer: Family Koshnaw
Project: Old kitchen, fresh look
Realization: Cutting and applying of a high-performance film in a private kitchen.

A variety of vehicles | Car lettering

All colors, all brands, all models

Customer: Die Johanniter, Wirthwein Medical, Die Radiologen
Project: Vehicle lettering from small to large
Realization: Plot on high performance foil, incl. assembly

University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt | Guidance system

DIN-Standards as a visual guidance system

Customer: University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Department of Architecture
Project: Representation of DIN-standards and technical terms in architecture in connection with a building guidance system.
Realization: Lettering of wall and floor areas with foil specialized for heavily adhering surfaces and highly frequented floor areas, implementation of filigree text and line elements in foil plots.

Practice edelweiss | Textile frames

For a comfortable feeling when visiting the dentist

Customer: Practice edelweiss
Project: Design of practice rooms with wall frames and expressive motif
Realization: Individually made aluminum frames with textile covering, a curved design for an arrangement over wall with LED lighting, including assembly and layout.

Lieblang Cosmos | Textile frames

A step closer to nature

Customer: Lieblang Cosmos Administration and Control GmbH
Project: A diversity of textile prints in wall frames, including layouts
Realization: Aluminium frames for wall mounting including exchangeable banners

HEAG mobilo | Vehicle labeling of electric busses

Electrified into the future on

Customer: HEAG mobilo
Project: Partial labeling of an electric bus
Realization: Foil plot made of high-performance and window foil with glossy protective laminate

White Lion | Vehicle graphics Mercedes Actros

Dry ice on wheels

Customer: White Lion
Project: Partial wrapping of Mercedes Actros, including layout
Realization: Foil plot made of reflective foil, partly printed in company color

Akasol | Banner event back-wall

High Performance at AKASOL

Customer: AKASOL AG
Project: Back wall for press conference, 5060 x 2520 mm
Realization: Individually adjustable frame system, including banner

MENZEL Elektromotoren | Lightbox

Glowing world map

Every visitor of the premises is welcomed by an impressive lightbox, installed in the entrance area, showing the field of application of the electric motors around the world.

Customer: MENZEL Elektromotoren
Project: Lightbox, 3835 x 2300 mm, depth: 120 mm
Realization: Aluminum frame with LED-lighting fixed to wall, banner exchangeable

DGM Promotion | Traffic Boards

Personal matters

Five ‚mobile traffic boards‘ are perfect for promoting our products and services, especially within the region.

We are your powerful partner when it comes to all kinds of advertising production, from a simple sign via an impressive banner to a complete branding for cars and means of transport. Out of one hand with a consistent quality.

Customer: DGM Promotion
Project: Traffic Boards, 5 pieces
Realization: Outdoor-solvent printing on high-performance and window film, incl. protection coating high glossy

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt | Flags

200 years universal thinking

Time to celebrate: 200 years Hessisches Landesmuseum.
The grand duke Ludwig I. of Hessen-Darmstadt donated the baronial collection 200 years ago to the state, ‘to benefit and instruct’ the public. The foundation is one of the first public museums in Germany, even in Europe.

The extraordinary anniversary exhibitions include:
„Kraftwerk Block Beuys“, „Rembrandt Competition“, „American Heiner“, „Peter Lindbergh: Untold Stories“ and many more.

Customer: Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Project: Hoisted flags, 2000 x 8000 mm
Realization: Digital print, back side mirrored, made-up

EUMETSAT Darmstadt | Satellite-Displays

Meteorological data for the world – made in Darmstadt

On the premises of EUMETSAT in Darmstadt several original-sized satellite-models can be found. Ten information boards inform about the significance and the contribution of EUMETSAT when it comes to weather forecasts, the surveillance of the environment and global climate.

Customer: EUMETSAT Darmstadt
Project: 10 satellite-displays, different motives
Realization: Free standing displays systems out of aluminum, front side with digital print on 3M high-performance film

HEAG mobilo | Branding tram for Clinical Center Darmstadt

Join our team!

The Clinical Center Darmstadt is constantly evolving and therefore always looking for new team members out of several occupational groups. The striking job offer on tracks encourages to join the team.

Customer: HEAG mobilo
Project: Branding tram
Realization: Motive wrapped around, outdoor-solvent printing on high-performance film and window graphics, with protection coating high glossy, labeling separately, incl. assembling

KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH | Branding tram and bus Loop5

Doing the loop? 

175 retail stores and services up close, children’s playgrounds and free parking in addition to be found in the shopping mall Loop5 in Weiterstadt, with direct access to highway A5. What more do you need? Let‘s start looping…

Customer: KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH
Project: Branding including windows, tram and bus
Realization: Motive wrapped around, outdoor-solvent printing on high-performance film and window graphics, with protection coating high glossy, labeling separately, incl. assembling

EnviroChemie | Pylon

Eye-catching day and night

EnviroChemie is one of the leading companies when it comes to the treatment of water and wastewater for all kinds of industries, water technology for the whole world.

The big logo sign marks the entrance and shines a light in the night.

Customer: EnviroChemie
Project: Pylon for the entrance area
Realization: Pylon, surface 3000 x 1100 mm. Logo „EnviroChemie“ contour-cut, lettering contour-cut acrylic glass, backlit with LED, incl. base, sub-construction and assembling

ESA/ESOC | Outdoor sign BepiColombo

BepiColombo heading for Mercury 
The European Space Agency ESA with its Darmstadt-based control center launched a new mission. An outdoor sign displays the space craft BepiColombo, all parts, installed in front of the S-building.

Customer: ESA / ESOC Darmstadt
Project: Outdoor sign BepiColombo in front of S-building
Realization: Solvent printing on 3M high-performance film with protection coating high glossy, laminated on Alu-Dibond 4mm contour-cut, labeling as film plot, exchangeable

KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH | Branding tram for Entega

Friendly to the environment and fast

ENTEGA, one of the leading companies for energy and infrastructure in Germany and one of the leading suppliers for eco-friendly electricity and climate-neutral natural gas, is constantly showing their commitment for the region: transport in accordance with the environment and fast internet for everyone.

Every enterprise belonging to the ENTEGA-group consistently follows a high policy regarding sustainability.

Customer: KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH
Project: Branding including windows, complete tram
Realization: Motive wrapped around, digital print on 3M high-performance film and window graphics, labeling separately, incl. assembling

ESA/ESOC Darmstadt

Up to the sun

The space craft „Solar Orbiter“, a cooperation between ESA and NASA, started its journey on February 10th, 2020 from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The mission is about the exploration of the solar winds and their effects on the weather in space. To broadcast the launch a half round stage with a big banner (6,5 x 4m) behind it was installed. The rotunda marking the entrance area was decorated with a big illuminated banner, 5m high.

Customer: ESA / ESOC Darmstadt
Project: „Solar Orbiter“ banners
Realization: Preparation of the layout and ready-for-print data for both banners

Henschel Darmstadt | Labeling shop window

The Henschel-Spirit – 450 personalities 

„Our employees are the most valuable commodity“ reads the website, a statement from a family-run fashion and lifestyle company in the third generation. Five stores at four locations with 450 employees prove the entitlement. Every employee is encouraged to commitment, contribution and to take part. Team spirit has a high value and made clearly visible to the public.

Customer: Henschel Darmstadt
Project: Labeling shop window
Realization: Solvent printing on 3M film IJ 25 with protection coating high glossy, incl. assembling

AWO Hessen-Süd | Car branding

Heartfelt care

The residential care facility for the elderly of AWO Hessen-Süd forms a network containing a wide range of services: all important services out of one hand in cooperation with reliable partners. And we are one of them – the DGM GmbH based in Roßdorf.
The special trademark of AWO is the community-oriented work related to its direct surroundings and the close cooperation with the municipality Roßdorf.

Customer: AWO Integra
Project: Car branding Opel Combo
Realization: Labeling as film cuts out of outdoor high-performance film on supporting film, incl. assembling

BHZ Roßdorf | Sponsorship car

STRONG together

In the presence of mayor Christel Sprößler a sponsorship car was handed over to the Mobile Care Service BHZ Roßdorf – PflegeInklusiv – on January 31st 2020. This car will be used for the next five years to take care of the elderly with disabilities, to keep them mobile. We joined the sponsorship ourselves and are proud to support our long-term customer BHZ Roßdorf to honour their work. Safe journey!

Customer: BHZ Roßdorf Soziale Dienste g GmbH
Project: Sponsored add space, bonnet
Realization: Layout and prepress in house, technical implementation DRIVE marketing GmbH

Lieblang Cosmos | Signage for four cafeterias

Fresh kick-off
Our long term customer Lieblang Cosmos offers a wide range of services for companies, for example in the food industry. Lieblang Cosmos provides a powerful wind of change for the Daimler cafeteria. Enjoy your meal!

Company: Lieblang Cosmos
Project: Signage for four cafeterias Lieblang of Cosmos-client Daimler in Stuttgart
Realization: Labellings for walls, counters and ceiling suspension, foil cuts on high performance vinyl, laminated on Alu-Dibond, incl. assembling

EnviroChemie | LED Elements

Enlightenment guaranteed
The stairway of the new buildung on the premisses of EnviroChemie received a colourful enlightenment with special elements. The three coloured waves representing the logo, one wave for each level, are floating in the air light as a feather.

Company: EnviroChemie
Project: LED Elements
Realization: LED Elements out of acrylic glass, 3250 x 1250 mm, front sides laminated with high performance vinyl, incl. assembling

HEAG mobilo GmbH | Trams Mathildenhöhe

Advertising with cultural value

Two trams promote the application of Mathildenhöhe as UNESCO-World Heritage, in parts financed by Merck, to attract attention to this issue.

Company: HEAG mobilo GmbH
Project: Complete wrapping for trams Mathildenhöhe
Realization: Motives as digital prints on 3M-high performance vinyl and 3M-window graphics, Labellings as foil cuts, incl. assembling

Emtron | Lamination

Elegant and Modern!

The Lamination of the stairway doors in the new building of Emtron in Riedstadt-Wolfskehlen is simple but stylisch. The clean lines add a modern and inviting touch to the stairway.

Company: Emtron electronic GmbH
Project: Lamination of stairway doors
Realization: Design of stairway in the new building, lamination of windows with glassdecor film frosted, foil cuts

Bier-Herrmann | Branding for Transporter

Simple but striking

Restrained but striking is the labelling for the beverage transporter of Bier-Herrmann in Roßdorf. The red-white-contrast and the signal red add to a good visibility.

  • Company: Bier-Herrmann
  • Project: Branding for Transporter
  • Realization: Labelling as foil cut on 3M-high performance vinyl, laminated on Alu-Dibond, incl. assembling

ESA ESOC Darmstadt | Signboard „AsteroidDay“ and outdoor infoboards

Leading the way

Creativity and smart design united for the signboard „AsteroidDay“ at the entrance area. Various infoboards lead the way.

  • Company: ESA ESOC Darmstadt
  • Project: Signboard „AsteroidDay“ and outdoor infoboards
  • Realization: Sub-construction out of stainless steal, signboard aluminium Dibond contour-cut and infoboards out of satin-finished safety glass, with digital front printing and foil cuts, assembling and concrete foundation included

Varian Medical Systems Deutschland GmbH | Wall labeling 2017


Tradition printed on canvas - arranged harmonically and touching. The text fragments, handwritings and graphics are laminated directly on the walls and reveal the impressive story for every visitor.

  • Company: Varian Medical Systems Deutschland GmbH
  • Project: Wall labeling
  • Realization: Labelings as foil cuts on wallgraphic film, fabric tension systems for prints on canvas, assembling included

Vehicle brandings | Transporters - BestOf

With a new livery

There are existing many types of vehicles, but they all have something in common: they can bring your brand in motion. Creative, remarkable, weatherproof.

  • Companies: Hans Segmüller Polstermöbelfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Elektro Gessler & Weser GbR, White Lion GmbH, KRAUSE Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG
  • Project: Vehicle brandings for transporters 
  • Realization: Images as digitial prints on high-end 3M-film, labelings and logos as foil cuts, assembling included

TU Darmstadt Department DP | Interior design for research laboratory 2017

Plastic art

One department of the Technical University deals with 3-dimensional product development, using various forms and materials. The interior design exactly reflects this: polygonal graphics populate the walls, are wrapped around corners and continue their way even on windows, as glass decor elements. The lettering is also 3-dimensional for a 'deep' impact.

  • Company: TU Darmstadt Department Data Processing in Construction
  • Project: Interior design for research laboratory
  • Realization: contour-cut motives out of aluminium Dibond and acrylic glass, digital print on glass decor film, assembling included

EUMETSAT | Banners and flags for the 30th Anniversary 2016

Ceremonial and impressive

... this is what the huge textile banners for the anniversary of the weather satellites of EUMETSAT are. They fit into place harmonically.

  • Company: EUMETSAT
  • Project: Banners and flags for the 30th Anniversary
  • Realization: Digital print on textile, accessories and assembling included


KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH | Streetcars and busses - BestOf

The bigger the vehicle

... the more count the details. Windows, ventilation slots, control elements and much more have to be considered in the layout. This requires an ideal planning including the adequate partition of the films (weather proof), considering all intersections.

  • Company: KWS Verkehrsmittelwerbung GmbH
  • Project: Ganzbeklebungen Straßenbahnen und Busse
  • Realization: Images as digital prints on high-end 3M-film and 3M-window graphics film, labelings and logos as foil cuts, assembling included

DUBBEL SPÄTH GmbH & Co. KG | Large photos and wall labelings 2015

Appetizing interior design

For creative customers we 'only' need to deliver. As a result the new canteen design transports a refreshing character.

  • Company: DUBBEL SPÄTH GmbH & Co. KG | EUREST Deutschland GmbH c/o Continental Teves AG & Co. OHG
  • Project: Large photos and wall labelings
  • Realization: Motives and labelings on WallGraphic-film, assembling included

ESA ESOC Darmstadt | New press center 2014

Brilliant presentation

The large format and high resolution printings of the satellite photographs create a fascinating atmosphere for the speakers as well as for the audience.

  • Customer: ESA ESOC Darmstadt
  • Project: New press center
  • Realization: Fabric tension systems for prints on acoustic textile, round stage construction with floorminder prints, planning, design and assembling included